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Battery snap Xtra: battery management for Android Xtra features


Battery snap will give accurate estimates only after a few hours of normal usage of your device both online and offline.
Other data will be accurate immediatly after Battery snap activation.



Big thanks to Roberto Bonato for italian translation.

Questions - answers

- Battery snap seems to drain my battery
No it does not. The widget uses battery only when battery changes state or once each 30 minutes. This is when your device is unplugged.And it does very little computation to do so. When you launch the detailed view, the display is updated, and so uses battery once each minute, with very little computation. Of course, if you check each 10 minutes your remaining autonomy, you use your phone, and so the autonomy decreases. But when you will look at that less often, you will understand that battery snap has only a really negligeable effect on the autonomy of your Android device.


Each update always contains at least a bug fixes or valuable improvements. Maybe you will not notice the change, but the change exists.
Please do not complain if a free product is frequently improved.

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